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A Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding // Alysha & Michael

Alysha & Michael had their beautiful Gabbinbar Homestead wedding in Toowoomba, on a moody winter day. There’s something particularly beautiful about Gabbinbar Homestead weddings when the clouds come down and brood over the homestead, and the rain gently colours the leaves and grass. All day I was marvelling at the soft light and the hushed quiet of the grounds, and of course at the handsome couple, who seemed to glide effortlessly about, happy and laughing between themselves and with their guests.

I’m also always impressed by the way Gabbinbar run their weddings – nothing is left to chance, everything runs like clockwork, and the couple and guests are left to enjoy their day without stress or issue – the way a wedding should be!

As always I try to capture that beauty in photos, the small moments, the quick-glimpsed wonders, whether it’s a look, a smile, or the beading water on the bouquet flowers – whatever it is that tells the story in that moment, at that place.

(It always helps shooting at venues like Gabbinbar Homestead as well! The grounds, the atmosphere, and the bride and groom at ease makes capturing moments especially easy.)

Enjoy 🙂

Van Middleton
Van Middleton
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