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Gold Coast Wedding Celebrants

Our favourite Gold Coast Wedding Celebrants

Below are a few of Attica’s favourite Gold Coast wedding celebrants. The wedding ceremony is arguably the most important part of the wedding day, and it makes sense to hire someone that will make it special. Celebrants can change the entire feel and flow of day with the way they deliver your nuptials. Good ones will make it personal and memorable, and will work well with you and your other vendors.

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The Surfing Celebrant

Mitch is a Gold Coast local through and through, and one of our favourite celebrants. Relaxed, warm, friendly, fun & professional – all the things that make a great celebrant. And a good-looking bloke to boot! We’ high recommend Mitch if you want a fresh and engaging ceremony. Check him out!

Michelle Shannon

Michelle is one of our favourite humans. Her ceremonies are genuine & warm. Few people bring such a lovely, understated energy to their work the way Michelle does. An absolute joy to work with, we cannot recommend her highly enough!

Benjamin Carlyle

Ben brings the fun and good vibes to all his weddings. An absolute icon in the industry, he’s professional, unflappable, funny and warm. A family man, a doting husband, a bringer of happy times and good energy. You cannot go wrong with Ben for your wedding celebrant needs.

Van Middleton
Van Middleton
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